We Align People, Process and Technology

Our process focuses on a world trending towards companies who focus on their core competencies and partner with a trusted provider of Facility Maintenance Solutions.

As large property owners and REIT’s look to consolidate their service providers on a Regional or National level rather than manage through multiple local single service providers, the role of the Property Manager is evolving into a more strategic one. To lay the groundwork for this increasingly advanced role, Property Managers need to ensure past responsibilities are handled efficiently, cost effectively and to the highest operational standards.

Unisource in uniquely positioned to handle this innovative, strategic and holistic alternative to traditional in-house facility management.  We can minimize the complexity of managing multiple vendors by aligning People, Processes, and Technology.

People Are at the Heart of Who We Are and What We Do

people_officeOur management team consists of talented, industry veterans that have a passion for new ideas, leadership and integrity.

Our Operations Center is staffed with experienced Regional Managers ready to provide 24/7 management, problem solving and informational and statistical data for your portfolio. With office locations throughout North America, our field managers and technicians will provide routine visits and are available to solve issues and handling emergencies 24/7

Our Process Starts by Assigning a Team of Industry Experts to Manage the Transition, and Analyze and Process

We will:

  • Review and analyze  Scope of Work, contract style, frequencies and type materials and make recommendations
  • Conduct extensive RFP process, leveraging our size and customers portfolio using our vast network for vendors to achieve best value.
  • Enter all property data, contracts, service scopes, contacts, vendors, maps and special items into our web-based portal
  • Set-up training seminars for web-portal and mobile (Ipad)  application for all Property Managers  administration personnel.
  • Conduct property tours with PM’s, our Regional Manager and vendors.
  • Conduct training seminars for all new vendors on web portal reporting and  quality control measures.
  • Begin reporting, inspections, work order requests, proposals and problem solving 24/7

Once your facility operations are streamlined, you PM’s will have control of their property and our entire team remotely. We report, we source, and you decide.


We Use Technology in Three Ways:

  1. Our Facility Management Web Portal – Unites facilities maintenance reporting and financial processes, instantly distributing information to customer and our team.
  2. Our iPad Mobile App – Allows PM and Field Auditors to enter work orders, do inspections, take picture video of service requests or proposals, approve PO anywhere at any time. This real-time data is automatically linked to our Web portal and instantly updates property data and information for each property.
  3. EDI (Electronic Data Invoicing) – Removes the burden of processing work orders, purchase orders, and invoicing from the customer, and puts Unisource in charge of creating and submitting electronically. All contractual maintenance services are automatically stored and verified against this database to ensure compliance. Once all general ledger codes are inputted, the information travels in an electronic invoice and automatically updates the chart of account, thus eliminating all manual coding.

Our Reach is National

Unisource is headquartered in the Northeast but we manage hundreds or properties across North America. Through our team of Regional Managers, Field Auditors, National Operation Center, State-of-the-Art Building management web-portal and mobile application technology, as well as our vast network of quality vendors, we provide 24/7 integrated  facility management throughout the country.

Think of us as your “Assistant Property Manager” for each of your locations.