Cost Control Model

Reduce Your Overhead, Risks and CAM Charges, While Increasing Value of Services

Vendor Selection
Cost control and reduction are critical factors in Facilities Management. For this reason, Unisource does not use the traditional model of price as the main consideration for selecting a vendor. The “lowest bidder wins” strategy ignores vendor competence and services quality.

Unisource Procurement Specialist continuously compares our pricing to industry standards from multiple databases to ensure you are receiving the best value. We’ve compiled local, state, and regional data sets that allow us to account for geographic variations in pricing. Market trends are tracked over time in an effort to keep current with highs and lows in labor or material costs, which are driven by multiple external factors. We use a combination of benchmarking, an extensive RFP process, and our vast network of vendors across the country to achieve best value. In most cases, this strategic, competitive and value orientated process will produce immediate savings.

At Unisource, we customized our programs to meet your needs. Whether it’s a single service or
bundled/aggregated services, seasonal contracts or long term fixed contracts, the price we quote is the price you pay. We leverage our size and the size of your portfolio to achieve the best value.

Risk Management
Our Risk Management Department will quickly handle the process from initial discovery to case closure, quickly picking up appropriate tenders of defense to reduce your open claim status.  In addition, our process of vetting and monitoring vendors, our frequent inspections, mobile technology, documented fast response to hazards and repairs, and our 24/7 operations team, will mitigate and reduce risk at your property.

One Call. One Invoice. One Source.

Our unique process will reduce your overhead, CAM charges and risk, all the while increasing on-site visibility, improving appearance and value of services — all with one call, one invoice, and one source.